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Monthly Archive for March, 2002

1950’s Galdiano Family

 This is part of my Granddaddy’s family around the mid-50s. That’s Great Grandma Amilia in the Middle.

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Great Grandpa Hamil

Circa 1925 That’s my Great Grandpa CM Hamil on the left. I sure wish I could have met him. But I’ll get to hear stories about him when I’m older.

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WW II Grandpa Galdiano

 This is my Great Grandpa Galdiano. I sure wish he could have held me before his time came.

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Big News!

Hello! I’m in Mommy’s tummy, but I’ll be coming out around August. Enjoy these sonogram pictures of me until then! Sonogram Set 2 Sonogram 3 Sonogram 4    

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