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Monthly Archive for August, 2012

Queen of Whizabi Island

When I cam home from work, Amilia and Gideon declared the living room the Sovereign Island of “Whizabi.” They then sentenced me to death me for laughing at their native welcome home dance. I seceded and annexed part of the island as New Whizabi. The nations went to war. Peace envoys have been dispatched, but […]

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Back to School Shopping

  While doing some back to school shopping, Amilia and Gideon decided to play mannequin at Macy’s.                  

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Happy Birthday, Amilia!

Happy birthday to our sweet, amazing, beautiful, talented, wonderful daughter!

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Diamond and Snowball

At Amilia’s request, we purchased her two new baby rats for her birthday, which she named Diamond and Snowball. Unfortuately, Kim didn’t know you weren’t suppose to leave the new baby rats in the same cage as the older rats. RIP Diamond and Snowball…

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Camp Erin

Amilia had the opportunity to go to Camp Erin this year and cope with losing her baby sister, Ezri. It really helped her. We are very thankful to everyone who had a hand in making Camp Erin a possibility.

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