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What if Rain Were Tears?

GIDEON (Age 6): Daddy, what if rain were really tears?
ME: Who could cry that much?
GIDEON: George Washington, Ben Franklin, The Hulk, the guy wearing the peanut suit, and people who work at Wal-Mart.
ME: Why would George Washington and Ben Franklin cry?
GIDEON: Because they’re not president anymore. Mr. Obama is.
ME: Why would The Hulk cry?
GIDEON: Because he got shot.
ME: Why does Mr. Peanut cry?
GIDEON: Because he has to wear a peanut suit.
ME: OK. Why do the people at Wal-Mart cry?
GIDEON: Because they don’t make any money.
He’s got it figure out, doesn’t he?

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