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GIDEON: Daddy, did you know the cheetah is the fastest land animal?
ME: No way!
GIDEON: Yep! He can run 60 miles per hour and go 100 yards in 3 seconds!
ME: Wow! That means if you were on one end of the football field and a cheetah was on the other, he would still get you in 3 or 4 seconds even if you took off running as fast as you could.
GIDEON: He wouldn’t eat me!
ME: Why not?
GIDEON: Because I’d have knock-out gas and toe nail clippers.
ME: How would that help you?
GIDEON: I’d knock-out the cheetah out with the knock-out gas.
ME: And how would the toe nail clippers help you?
GIDEON: When he was asleep, I’d clip his toe nails so he couldn’t hurt me when he wakes up!

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