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Monthly Archive for July, 2013

Rat Heaven

Amilia’s pet rat, Oreo, when to pet heaven today. He was a great pet and will be missed.

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GIDEON: Yea! I finally lost my two front teeth! ME: Are you excited because the tooth fairy is going to visit you? GIDEON: What? No. I’m happy because now I can speak funny!

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Moving Imagination

GIDEON (Age 6): Daddy, can I watch TV? ME: No, you watched to much TV today. GIDEON: OKĀ  . . . (after a little bit) . . . . Ahhh! ME: What’s wrong? GIDEON: I decided to watch a movie in my mind and it’s too scary! (Time passes) GIDEON: *SIGH* ME: What’s wrong now? […]

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