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Rated Teen for Ten

GIDEON (Age 6 1/2): Daddy, can you take me to see Wolverine?

ME: I don’t know. I have to check the rating first.

GIDEON: I hope it’s rated TEEN.

AMILIA: Why do you hope that? You have to be a TEEN to watch rated TEEN movies.

GIDEON: I’m old enough to watch movies rated TEEN.

AMILIA: No. You have to be a TEEN to watch movies rated TEEN!

GIDEON: Yes, but rated TEEN means you have to be 10-years-old to watch it. And since I’m 6 and 1/2, I’m close enough to TEN to watch movies rated TEEN and up!

I was laughing too hard to point out all the flaws in his argument.

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