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Reverse Child Psychology

GIDEON (AGE 6): Daddy, can you buy me some ice cream?
ME: No, I’m sorry, you haven’t been a big boy today, and I only buy ice cream for big boys.
GIDEON: OK. But what ever you do, PLEASE DO NOT buy me a Slurpee!
ME: You don’t want me to buy you a Slurpee?
GIDEON: Yea, what ever you do, don’t do that! That would be torture!
ME: Oh, so it would be torture to buy you a Slurpee, huh?
GIDEON: Yea. Please, please, PLEASE DO NOT BUY me a Slurpee!!! It would be horrible, horrible torture!!!
ME: Well, if buying you a Slurpee would be torture, then maybe I should . . . Gideon, do you really think I’m dumb enough to fall for that?
GIDEON: Uh, well . . . yea. . . . That’s kind of why I tried it.

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