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SPA Internship

(I’m a client in Amilia’s “Spa”)

GIDEON (Age 6): Sissy, can I work at your spa?

AMILIA (Age 10): Sure! I’ll only charge you $1 a day to work here.

GIDEON: No, way!

AMILIA: I tell you what. Since you’re my brother, I’ll let you intern here.

GIDEON: What does that mean?

AMILIA: That means I’ll teach you valuable business skills and you work for me.

GIDEON: How much does it pay?

AMILIA: Nothing.

GIDEON: No, way! I won’t fall for that. You have to PAY me! You can’t trick me!

AMILIA: OK. I tell you what. You pay me for working here, and I’ll pay you 10% from that.

GIDEON: OKAY! Now that’s more like it!

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