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The Foot Club

AMILIA: Daddy, would you like a foot massage?

ME: Uh, sure.

AMILIA: OK, that’ll be $1

ME: That’s not too bad.


ME: Uh, OK.

AMILIA: But that is just today’s special. The price is normally $4.00. Would you like it for $2 all the time?

ME: Uh, maybe.

AMILIA: The $2 price is good if you join my monthly foot club. For only $2 a week, you get a foot massage.

ME: Hmmmm . . . .

AMILIA: Would you like lotion with your foot massage?

ME: Uh, OK.

AMILIA: OK, that will be 50 cents. But it comes free if you join the monthly foot club.

ME: OK, I’ll think about it.

AMILIA: OK, but you better hurry. This deal is good only for first time customers. After today, the offer expires.

Did I accidentally send her to a marketing summer camp?

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