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Monthly Archive for November, 2013

Doll Cake

Amilia (Age 11), made this cake for our church bake sale.

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What Does 5-3 = ?

GIDEON: Daddy, I need help with this math problem. What is 5-3? ME: Hold up 5 fingers then put three down. GIDEON: 5-3 = Hook ‘Em Horns? ME: What are you talking about? GIDEON: See, 5-3=Hook ‘Em Horns. I look over and he had put down his two middle fingers and his thumb. As a […]

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Dancing in the Sky

  For the last five years, we’ve hosted a remembrance service in November for families who have lost loved ones. This year, as we watched the balloons float away during our balloon launch, a young lady, who had just lost her brother, asked if she could share a song with the group. We said yes, […]

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What’s in a name?

KIM: Gideon, you didn’t put your name on your home work. GIDEON: Yes, I did! It’s right there! KIM: That’s not your name. Those are your initials. GIDEON: No, that’s my name! KIM: How is G-R-G your name? GIDEON: Because I change my name to Grg!

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The Great Potato Famine

ME (Trying to make dinner educational): Gideon, do you want to hear something interesting? Did you know that pepper was once as valuable as gold? GIDEON: That’s not interesting. ME: Well, did you know that Roman soldiers were paid in salt? GIDEON (Eating mashed potatoes): That’s not interesting. ME: Well, did you know that many […]

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