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Fifty More Grief Songs

Last month, I listed 50 songs that bereaved people often find meaningful, and this month I’ll list 50 more. Two of the songs on these lists, “Circus” and “Tears in Heaven,” were written by Eric Clapton after his 4.5-year-old son, Connor, died in 1991.

I’m only including 50 more, but you can see the entire list by going to my website, http://www.galdiano.org, and clicking on the Helping Bereaved Families PDF Document on the right side.

1.     I Grieve -Peter GabrielI

2.    I Will Be Here -Steven Curtis Chapman

3.    I Will Carry You -Selah

4.    I Will Love You -Fisher

5.    I Will Not Forget You -Sarah McLachlan

6.    I’m Your Angel – Laren Ireland-Cantous & Noel Amante

7.    If We Hold On Together -Diana Ross

8.   It Will Be Me -Melissa Etheridge

9.    Lay Me Down to Sleep -Robin Patrick

10. Life Ain’t Always Beautiful -Gary Allen

11. Live Forever -Michael W. Smith

12. Love, Me -Collin Raye

13. Me and God -Josh Turner

14. Miracle -Celine Dion

15. My Heart Will Go On -Celine Dion

16. My Name -George Canyon

17. New Star in the Sky -Air

18. Not a Day Goes By -Lonestar

19. Nothing Without You -Bebo Norman

20. Now I Lay Me Down -Nikki Venable

21. Oh Very Young -Cat Stevens (Various Artists)

22. One More Day -Diamond Rio

23. Praise You in This Storm -Casting Crowns

24.  Precious Child -Emily Richards (or Karen Taylor-Good)

25.  Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way -Leann Rimes

26.  Remember Me This Way -Jordan Hill

27.  Shadows of the Day -Linkin Park

28.  Shine On -Jet

29.  Sissy’s Song -Allen Jackson

30.  Smallest and Wingless -Craig Cardiff

31.  Somewhere Over the Rainbow -Karen Carpenter

32.  Streets of Heaven -Sherrie Austin

33.  Tears In Heaven -Eric Clapton

34.  The Prayer -Josh Groban & Charlotee Church

35.  There You’ll Be -Faith Hill

36.  Time Passes On -Orleans

37.  To Where You Are -Josh Groban

38.  Too Beautiful -Chelsea Brunsell

39.  Tough -Craig Morgan

40.  Visitor From Heaven -Twila Paris

41.  Waiting For My Real Life To Begin -Colin Hay

42.  When God Ran -Benny Hester

43.  Whisper to Me -Emily Richards

44.  Who You’d Be Today -Kenny Chesney

45.  Wish You Were Here -Mark Harris

46.  With Hope -Steven Curtis Chapman

47.  Would You Go with Me -Josh Turner

48.  You’ll Be in My Heart -Phil Collins

49.  You’re Gone -Diamond Rio

50.  You Home -Kenny Loggins

If you have any songs that are meaningful to you, please feel free to let me know.

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