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Monthly Archive for January, 2014

A Place for Everything

ME: Gideon, be sure to keep everything cleaned and organized. Decide where things go, then put them there. GIDEON (Age 7): Even you? ME: Yes, someday, when I’m really old, you’ll get to decide where I go. GIDEON: Hmmmm . . . I think you’ll look good hanging on my wall. (Note to self: Gideon […]

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Washington vs Lincoln

AMILIA: Daddy, I’m too scared to sleep in my room tonight. ME (Pulling out a dollar bill): What if George Washington walks you to your room? AMILIA: Hmmmm . . . I hear Abraham Lincoln is better at directions.

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The Side Dish?

(Eating lunch at a restaurant) WAITRESS (to Gideon): And what would you like for a side? GIDEON (age 7): French fries! KIM: No, Gideon, you need to order something green. GIDEON:Oh, ok. In that case, I’ll like a side of cash!

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