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Monthly Archive for January, 2015

The Nut Cracker

GIDEON: (Banging pecans with an ice cream scoop) ME: Gideon, what are you doing? GIDEON: I’m trying to crack these pecans. ME: Here, try one of these. GIDEON: What is that? ME: It’s a pecan cracker. You’re grandma used to use one of those all the time. GIDEON: (Confused.) How does it work? Did she […]

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The Psychic Kid

ME: Amilia, what are you reading? AMILIA: The Psychic Next Door. ME: Do you know how to spell psychic? AMILIA: Yes. P-S-Y-C-H-I-C GIDEON: Pretty good, but you forgot the K. ME: Gideon, there is no K is psychic. GIDEON: I knew you’d says that!

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Fancy That!

(We are at a nice restaurant and Gideon just ordered Dr. Pepper) Gideon (Age 8): I always order Dr. Pepper at fancy restaurants.Me: Why is that?Gideon: Because Dr. Pepper is a fancy drink!

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Old Man Germs!

AMILIA (AGE 12): Arggg! Gross! I’ve been poisoned! I’m dying! OLD MAN GERMS! OLD MAN GERMS! ME: Amilia, what are you carrying on about? AMILIA: I accidentally used your toothbrush!

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