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A Wrinkle in Time

GIDEON: Daddy, did you know that we are not really standing up and down on the world?

ME: Really?

GIDEON: Yea, we are really standing on the side of the world, but gravity keeps us in place. Is there gravity on the moon?

ME: Yes, but not very much. Did you know that gravity is why causes wrinkles too?

GIDEON: Really? How?

ME: Well, gravity is what pulls your skin to the ground and causes you to get old and wrinkled.

GIDEON: Oh! Well, don’t worry, Daddy. Maybe you can buy a house on the moon!

(I won’t be on Facebook the rest of the day because I’ll be busy signing up for that trip to Mars and hoping that they’ll take someone as old and wrinkled as me.)

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