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Taco Tuesday

(Walking the Dog)

ME: Gideon, see that car? We are near an alley, and it might turn in here, so

we should wait.

(Car does turn into the alley.)

ME: See? I paid attention to what was going on, thought ahead of all the

possibilities, and prepared for them. You always have to think ahead and plan

for what might happen, like Batman does.

GIDEON: I do that all the time too.

ME: Really? That’s great! Tell me about a time you planned ahead.

GIDEON: Well, if go out for pizza, I wondered, “What would I do if there is half

price taco stand next to it?” That way, I know if I rather have pizza or tacos by

the time we get there.

(I’m sure Batman thinks about that one all the time too.)

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