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Monthly Archive for September, 2015

Baby Sitting

GIDEON (AGE 8): Daddy, why are people who take care of babies called baby sitters if they don’t sit on babies? ME: Hmmm. . . That’s a good question. I don’t know. What do you think? GIDEON: I think they must have sat on babies in the old days.

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Drivers’ Ed.

GIDEON (Age 8): Daddy, when can I start driving? ME: After you take Driver’s Ed. GIDEON: But that happens if he dies? ME: If who dies? GIDEON: Ed. ME: Who’s Ed? GIDEON: Driver’s Ed. ME: Do you know what Driver’s Ed is? GIDEON: Yea, he’s a really famous guy who teaches kids how to drive!

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Loud Talker

(Amilia and Gideon are both sick) GIDEON (Age 8): Amilia, how are you feeling? AMILIA: Shhh…! Gideon do you have to talk so loud? I have a headache. GIDEON: What? That’s just the way I talk, I can’t help it. ME: Yea, Gideon is just a loud talker. There’s nothing wrong with that. GIDEON: Unless […]

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You’re a Rhino!

ME: Hey, Gideon! How are you feeling? What did the doctor say? GIDEON: He said I was a rhinoceros. ME: Huh? KIM: The doctor said he has the rhinovirus.

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