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Monthly Archive for January, 2016


GIDEON: Daddy, is North Korea run by a dictator? ME: Yes. GIDEON: What does he do to his enemies? ME: Like if someone speaks out against him, he makes them dig holes and break rocks. GIDEON: What a waste! I can’t believe that. ME: I know, right? GIDEON: Yea! That dirt and those rocks could […]

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Nurse Maid

(Amilia is helping Gideon with his homework) AMILIA: Gideon, pay attention! Stop goofing off and answer this question! GIDEON: Amilia, you shouldn’t be so mean to me. Try nursing me instead. AMILIA: Huh? What are you talking about? GIDEON: You know, instead of being mean to me, you should be kind, and polite, and patience. […]

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